September PB Schedule

Thursday, Sept. 17 at 6:00 to 8:00pm
Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 6:00 to 8:00pm
Thursday, Sept. 24 at 6:00 to 8:00pm
Saturday, Sept. 26 at 1:00 to 4:00pm (open gym)
During open gym times, we share the gym with others, usually two courts are available.

CC is closed for events on :
Saturday, Sept. 19
Tuesday, Sept. 29
Thursday, Oct. 1

The tennis courts are available to use during the day and on those times the CC is closed. Club members have the code to get in the lockbox located on tennis court 1, for the nets and outdoor balls.

More from the Great Plains Tourney

Our friend Judy from the NMPA Board – New Mexico Pickleball Association – ABQ Chapter compiled the results from all of the New Mexico participants.  Thanks for sharing!  And we reiterate our congratulations to all of the participants.


Congratulations to all 18 participants from New Mexico (Albuquerque, Angel Fire, and Santa Fe) who competed in the Great Plains Regional Tournament in Colorado Springs, September 9-12.
Wishing a speedy recovery to Steven Paull who was not able to participate due to an injury.

Participants and Medal Winners:

Bud Schwartz – Bronze, mixed, 55+, 3.5
Dennis Runyan – Bronze, MD, 65+, 4.0; Gold, mixed, 70+, 4.5
Elijah Dee – Gold, mixed,35+, 4.0; Silver MD, 35+, 4.0
Jim McPherson – Gold, mixed, 75+, 4.0; Gold MD, 75+, 4.0
Judy Aron – Silver, WD, 65+, 4.0
Judy Griffin – Gold, mixed, 75+, 4.0; Gold, singles, 75+, 3.5
Larry Burke – Gold, singles, 65+, 3.0
Larry Lite – MD, 65+, 4.0; mixed, 65+, 4.0; MD 60+, 4.0
Linda Valencia – Silver, mixed, 60+, 3.5
Micheline Runyan – Silver, WD, 70+, 3.0; Gold, mixed 70+, 3.0
Nabil Merhi – Gold, singles, 60+, 5.0; Silver, MD, 60+, 4.5; Gold, mixed, 60+, 5.0
Penny Gentile – Gold, WD, 35+, 4.0; Gold, mixed, 35+, 4.0; Silver, singles, 35+, 4.0
Ram Pereyra – Gold, MD, 65+, 3.5
Randy Gibson – Silver, mixed, 60+, 3.5
Ray Thomas – Silver, MD, 65+, 4.0
Rick Hooker – Silver, singles,60+, 3.5
Virgie Henderson – Silver, WD, 65+, 4.0

Great Plains Regional Pickleball Tournament 2015 Results

Several members of the Angel Fire Pickleball Club participated in the Great Plains Regional Pickleball Tournament held in Colorado Springs September 10-13. There were approximately 250 participants from 19 states, Mexico and Canada. The format was skill-based age.

In singles action, Judy Griffin took gold in the 75-79 women’s bracket, Rick Hooker took silver in the 60-64 men’s bracket, and Penny Gentile silver in 35-39 women’s bracket.

In mixed doubles, Judy Griffin and Jim McPherson took gold in the 75-79 bracket, Bud Schwartz and his partner took bronze in 55-59, and Penny Gentile and her partner Elijah Dee took gold in 35-39.

In women’s doubles, Penny Gentile and her partner took gold in the 35-39 bracket and Judy Griffin and her partner took gold in 75-79.

In men’s doubles, Jim McPherson and his partner took gold in 75-79.
There were many participants from New Mexico, and we got to catch up with some of our ABQ friends as well as make new ones!  The Tourney was well-run and all the folks were so friendly. 

Congratulations to all of the participants for making such a great showing for Angel Fire!
L-R:  Jim McPherson, Judy Griffin, Penny Gentile, Rick Hooker, Bud Schwartz
For more pictures, click here