Beat the Heat Tournament 2020

What follows is a message from our club president, Rick Hooker, about our 2020 Tournament:

Angel Fire pickleball players,

We will NOT be having a pickleball tournament in September this year. There are several reasons for this decision.

We have had great sponsors for our tournament in past years and this year these same businesses are having a tough time with all the restrictions due to the virus. We want to support them this year, instead of asking them to support our tournament. We know money is tight for these businesses and we don’t want to put them in a bad position  by asking them to donate to our tournament.

Also, our tournament last year brought in 153 players plus some spouses to our tournament from seven different states. Our Angel Fire area has been able to keep the virus at only 5 cases. That is great compared to a lot of other places. We do not want to create a problem for our area by bringing in a lot of players from several different states which may bring the virus without them even knowing it.

Therefore, we will wait and have our tournament in September 2021, if the world gets back to some sort of normal. We will wait and see what happens. We get a lot of players that come to our tournament and have a great time. We don’t want to ruin our reputation by having a tournament that causes problems.

Have fun playing when and where you can and be safe.  You can always watch YouTube matches and review the rules.

Here is a list of our sponsors, be sure to support them when you can.

  • Angel Fire Resort
  • Angel Fire Chiropractic
  • Angel Fire Home Services
  • The Bakery
  • Dinking Divas – in Ruidoso
  • Elements of Wellness, Doterra Essential Oils
  • Headin’ Home Realty
  • Lindsey Custom Homes
  • Mountain Sports
  • North Country Real Estate
  • Pizza Stop
  • Remax Mountain Realty
  • Resort Properties of Angel Fire
  • Thank you,
    Rick Hooker