Albuquerque Tournament Results – January 2015

The Angel Fire Pickleball Club had a tremendous showing at the tournament this past weekend!Twenty-one members participated in the tourney, and medaled in 17 events.

Women’s Singles 2.5
Gold:  Roz Garland
Silver: Danae Blackburn
Bronze:  Melissa Grassmick
Men’s Singles 3.0
Gold:  Jonathan Grassmick
Bronze:  Henry Garland
Men’s Singles 3.5:
Gold:  Kurt Kunzler
In Women’s Doubles 2.5
Silver:  Roz Garland and Graceanna Holder
Bronze:  Melissa Grassmick and Danae Blackburn took bronze.
Women’s Doubles 3.0:
Gold:  Nancy Hooker and Judy Griffin
Women’s Doubles 3.5:
Silver:  Jamie Elliott and Gretchen Denman
Men’s Doubles 3.0:
Silver:  Henry Garland and Jonathan Grassmick
Men’s Doubles 3.5
Kurt and Kyler Kunzler
Men’s Doubles 4.0:
Bronze:  Rick Hooker and Buddy Schwartz
Mixed Doubles 2.5:
Gold:  Roz and Henry Garland
Mixed Doubles 3.0:
Silver:  Melissa and Jonathan Grassmick
Bronze:  Buddy Schwartz and Kathy Kloos (Las Cruces)
Mixed Doubles 4.0:
Silver:  Jane Jergins and Adam Seitchik
Also participating in the tournament representing the Angel Fire Club were Pam Hasford, Ann Schwartz, Sam Wilson, and Kirsten and Kalista Kunzler.  Congratulations to all for such a strong showing from the Angel Fire club.  Thanks to our friends in Albuquerque for being such gracious hosts!  We love playing with you!

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