Angel Fire Results from Albuquerque September Tourney

The Albuquerque Tournament was held on September 18th-20th with singles, men’s doubles and women’s doubles along with mixed doubles matches.  Approximately 130 players from NM, AZ, CO, and TX. Angel Fire had 8 players participating.

  • Brian Nystrom gold in men’s singles 3.5
  • Penny Gentile gold in women’s 4.0
  • Rick Hooker and partner Elijah Dee won bronze in men’s doubles 4.0.
  • Penny Gentile and Debra Davis won gold in women’s 4.0
  • Penny Gentile and partner Elijah Dee won bronze in mixed doubles 4.0.
  • Also participating from Angel Fire were Claudette Maitland, Shirley Rabuck, Jamie Elliott and Bubba Davis.


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