Beat the Heat is in the books!

bannerThe Beat the Heat Pickleball tournament held August 12-14 at the Angel Fire Resort Tennis Center was a huge success!  Thanks all who participated and volunteered!

And a very special thanks to our many sponsors!!

  • Banner Sponsors:
    • Angel Fire Chiropractic
    • Angel Fire Resort
    • Angel Fire Rentals
    • Hail’s Holy Smoked Barbeque
    • Lindsey Custom Builders
    • Mountain Sports
    • ReMax Mountain Realty
    • Santa Fe Oils/Doterra
    • SS Rocks y Mas
  • Goody bag and other items:
    • Lowe’s Grocery
    • Roz and Henry Garland
    • Brett Hall
    • Colfax General
    • Coldwell Banker Realty
    • Angel Fire Baptist Church

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2.5 3.0
Gold Nanci Bush Gold Joe Tom Whillock
Silver Ann Schwartz Silver Bubba Davis
Bronze Melissa Grassmick Bronze Curt Camp
3.5 3.5
Gold Sharon Allen Gold Aaron Brian
Silver Dana Otey Silver Jim Jeffcoat
Bronze Jamie Elliott Bronze Ed Smith
4.5 4.0
Gold Susan Henderson Gold Patrick Quist
Silver David Henson
Bronze Rick Hooker
2.5 2.5
Gold Pam Hasford Gold  Baylor Dunavin
Ann Schwartz Cutter Camp
Silver Eva Myers Silver Bill Bush
Sharon Dickerson Phil Cohen
Bronze Betty Newell
Carol Ann Martz
3.0 3.0
Gold Debbie Smith Gold Joe Tom Whillock
Diane Robertson George McCulley
Silver Beverly Melvin Silver Ronnie Melvin
Glanita Roberts Roger Johnson
Bronze Claudette Maitland Bronze Jarrod Haddon
Chris Mershon Curt Camp
3.5 3.5
Gold Dana Otey Gold Jim Jeffcoat
Barbara Mock Aaron Brian
Silver Rita Nussbaum Silver Randy Temple
Stephanie Royo Bob Myers
Bronze Judy Griffin Bronze Stephen Morris
Nancy Hooker Bubba Davis
4.0 4.0
Gold Gigi Higdon Gold David Henson
Debra Davis Rick Hooker
Silver Susan Henderson Silver Bill Freydberg
Sharon Allen Patrick Quist
Bronze Leanne Smith Bronze Ronny Smith
Lawanna Quist Jim Nussbaum
Gold Penny Forgette
Joyce Helgesen
2.5 3.5
Gold Tanner Henson Gold Bob Myers
Sherise Henson Chris Mershon
Silver Phil Cohen Silver Stephen Morris
Ann Schwartz Dana Otey
Bronze John Brian Bronze Randy Temple
Sharon Dickerson Graceanna Holder
3.0 4.0
Gold Joe Tom Whillock Gold Adam Seitchik
Glanita Roberts Jane Seitchik
Silver Ronnie Melvin Silver David Henson
Beverly Melvin Jamie Elliott
Bronze Mike Jackson Bronze Joyce Montoya-Helgensen
Carolyn Jackson Larry Lite

We hope everyone had a great time, and we hope to see you next year!!!

Beat the Heat!

For all the latest information about our tournament, including lodging information, click here for the Beat the Heat Tournament page!

We are happy to announce that the Angel Fire Pickleball Club will host the “Beat the Heat” Pickleball Tournament on August 12-14, 2016 in beautiful Angel Fire, New Mexico.

The tournament will be played on the outdoor tennis courts at the Angel Fire Resort.

Skill based tournament – Skill levels are: 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 plus


  • Singles on Friday, August 12
  • Men’s Doubles on Saturday August 13
  • Women’s Doubles on Saturday August 13
  • Mixed Doubles on Sunday, August 14

Temperatures in Angel Fire range from 45 to 80 degrees in August.  Beat that!

Click here for registration form!

For more information contact us at

Deadline to register is August 4, 2016 at 5:00pm.

ABQ Senior Games Qualifier Tournament

On March  4 and 5 several club members participated in the ABQ Senior Games tourney. These games are the qualifier for the NM Senior Games in Roswell, which is a qualifier for the 2017 National Senior Games.

Representing the AF Pickleball Club, Brian Nystrom took silver in Men’s singles 50-54. Rick Hooker took bronze in Men’s singles 60-64.  In doubles action, Bubba Davis and Rick Hooker took silver in Men’s 55-59 and Nancy Hooker and Rick Hooker took silver in Mixed 55-59.

Congratulations to all the participants; there were a lot of excellent matches.  And it is always so much fun to see our friends in Albuquerque!  Click here for full results






Huntsman World Senior Games

Our own Rick Hooker participated in the Huntsman World Senior Games October 12-16.  The Games offered 28 different sports to more than 10,500 athletes from all 50 of the United States and from 19 different countries. It is a phenomenal event.

Registration for pickleball filled 500 slots in three days!  In the end, there were 548 players and 1398 matches!

Click here to see a video recap of the action courtesy of the Pickleball Channel!

We got to see lots of our pickleball friends from NM and Colorado.  Here’s a photo with the NM contingent:


Don and Vicki Noakes, Rick, Nabil Merhi and Leanne Smith.  They all represented well!

Angel Fire Results from Albuquerque September Tourney

The Albuquerque Tournament was held on September 18th-20th with singles, men’s doubles and women’s doubles along with mixed doubles matches.  Approximately 130 players from NM, AZ, CO, and TX. Angel Fire had 8 players participating.

  • Brian Nystrom gold in men’s singles 3.5
  • Penny Gentile gold in women’s 4.0
  • Rick Hooker and partner Elijah Dee won bronze in men’s doubles 4.0.
  • Penny Gentile and Debra Davis won gold in women’s 4.0
  • Penny Gentile and partner Elijah Dee won bronze in mixed doubles 4.0.
  • Also participating from Angel Fire were Claudette Maitland, Shirley Rabuck, Jamie Elliott and Bubba Davis.


September PB Schedule

Thursday, Sept. 17 at 6:00 to 8:00pm
Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 6:00 to 8:00pm
Thursday, Sept. 24 at 6:00 to 8:00pm
Saturday, Sept. 26 at 1:00 to 4:00pm (open gym)
During open gym times, we share the gym with others, usually two courts are available.

CC is closed for events on :
Saturday, Sept. 19
Tuesday, Sept. 29
Thursday, Oct. 1

The tennis courts are available to use during the day and on those times the CC is closed. Club members have the code to get in the lockbox located on tennis court 1, for the nets and outdoor balls.

More from the Great Plains Tourney

Our friend Judy from the NMPA Board – New Mexico Pickleball Association – ABQ Chapter compiled the results from all of the New Mexico participants.  Thanks for sharing!  And we reiterate our congratulations to all of the participants.


Congratulations to all 18 participants from New Mexico (Albuquerque, Angel Fire, and Santa Fe) who competed in the Great Plains Regional Tournament in Colorado Springs, September 9-12.
Wishing a speedy recovery to Steven Paull who was not able to participate due to an injury.

Participants and Medal Winners:

Bud Schwartz – Bronze, mixed, 55+, 3.5
Dennis Runyan – Bronze, MD, 65+, 4.0; Gold, mixed, 70+, 4.5
Elijah Dee – Gold, mixed,35+, 4.0; Silver MD, 35+, 4.0
Jim McPherson – Gold, mixed, 75+, 4.0; Gold MD, 75+, 4.0
Judy Aron – Silver, WD, 65+, 4.0
Judy Griffin – Gold, mixed, 75+, 4.0; Gold, singles, 75+, 3.5
Larry Burke – Gold, singles, 65+, 3.0
Larry Lite – MD, 65+, 4.0; mixed, 65+, 4.0; MD 60+, 4.0
Linda Valencia – Silver, mixed, 60+, 3.5
Micheline Runyan – Silver, WD, 70+, 3.0; Gold, mixed 70+, 3.0
Nabil Merhi – Gold, singles, 60+, 5.0; Silver, MD, 60+, 4.5; Gold, mixed, 60+, 5.0
Penny Gentile – Gold, WD, 35+, 4.0; Gold, mixed, 35+, 4.0; Silver, singles, 35+, 4.0
Ram Pereyra – Gold, MD, 65+, 3.5
Randy Gibson – Silver, mixed, 60+, 3.5
Ray Thomas – Silver, MD, 65+, 4.0
Rick Hooker – Silver, singles,60+, 3.5
Virgie Henderson – Silver, WD, 65+, 4.0

Great Plains Regional Pickleball Tournament 2015 Results

Several members of the Angel Fire Pickleball Club participated in the Great Plains Regional Pickleball Tournament held in Colorado Springs September 10-13. There were approximately 250 participants from 19 states, Mexico and Canada. The format was skill-based age.

In singles action, Judy Griffin took gold in the 75-79 women’s bracket, Rick Hooker took silver in the 60-64 men’s bracket, and Penny Gentile silver in 35-39 women’s bracket.

In mixed doubles, Judy Griffin and Jim McPherson took gold in the 75-79 bracket, Bud Schwartz and his partner took bronze in 55-59, and Penny Gentile and her partner Elijah Dee took gold in 35-39.

In women’s doubles, Penny Gentile and her partner took gold in the 35-39 bracket and Judy Griffin and her partner took gold in 75-79.

In men’s doubles, Jim McPherson and his partner took gold in 75-79.
There were many participants from New Mexico, and we got to catch up with some of our ABQ friends as well as make new ones!  The Tourney was well-run and all the folks were so friendly. 

Congratulations to all of the participants for making such a great showing for Angel Fire!
L-R:  Jim McPherson, Judy Griffin, Penny Gentile, Rick Hooker, Bud Schwartz
For more pictures, click here

Pickleball in Angel Fire

The following appeared in the Wheeler Peak Press on August 27.  Submitted by our Pickleball Club President, Rick Hooker.  Thanks to Wheeler Peak Press!


What is Pickleball?
Why is the Growth of Pickleball in Angel Fire Important to Angel Fire Property Owners?

Our community grows by showcasing to visitors all that we have to offer that enhances their quality of life. Our churches, beautiful mountains, and great weather can’t be beat. Our super skiing, numerous hiking trails, beautiful golf course, pickleball, tennis, and fishing as well as the nicest people you will find anywhere, are our assets. Angel Fire has the perfect setting for being known as the sports activities center of Northeast New Mexico. The Resort and Chamber of Commerce are trying to get more people to visit Angel Fire, especially in the spring and fall when there are fewer things to do. Pickleball in Angel Fire is important due to the fact that it can attract many visitors to our community. So what, you ask, is pickleball?

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the United States. It is a sport that is played by all ages. It is played on a court 1/3 the size of a tennis court with the net just two inches lower than tennis net. The players use a solid paddle and hit a wiffle ball. Singles and doubles can be played on the same court. This is the 50th year of pickleball. The majority of the growth has come in the last ten years. It is now played in all 50 states and in six different countries. In a participation survey by Sports & Fitness Industry Association in 2015, they reported that pickleball currently has 2.46 million players in the US. The USAPA (United States of America Pickleball Association) website which keeps track of the number of locations to play pickleball reported that the increase in the last twenty nine months ending in May ’15 was 103%. Seventy-six new locations every month were added to play in 2015. You can look up more information about the game and watch videos of pickleball games by going to the USAPA website.

The pickleball players in Angel Fire are trying to get six dedicated pickleball courts built near the tennis courts. Six courts give us enough courts to hold tournaments at different times of the year. These six courts would cover an area just a little larger that two tennis courts. Brett Hall, the tennis pro in Angel Fire, is in favor of the pickleball players having their own courts. Right now the pickleball program has one tennis court with lines painted on it for two pickleball courts. We appreciate that we have these lines on the tennis courts, but we look at these lines as temporary until we can build dedicated pickleball courts. Then the pickleball lines will be removed from the tennis courts.

Our Angel Fire Pickleball Club has grown in the last two years from six players to fifty-four players with other players playing that have not joined our club yet. We put on beginner clinics for new players and visitors that are in town every Monday night in July and August. These have been very successful and we have averaged 11 new players every night this summer. We have full courts when we play and have extra players waiting to play. That gives you a brief description of pickleball. But why is the growth of pickleball important to Angel Fire?

Pickleball tournaments bring in visitors to our community that have never been here before. Angel Fire Pickleball Club is going to host a pickleball tournament in August of 2016 at the Angel Fire Resort tennis courts. We expect there to be 100 players at our first tournament. This tournament will be a three-day event. Players will rent hotel rooms, condos, and homes, eat in our restaurants, buy gas, and have the opportunity to look around at lots for sale, existing homes for sale, and see the new construction of new homes happening here in Angel Fire. This is the type of exposure Angel Fire needs in order to attract more people to live here part-time or full time. Many players travel and only stop in places where they can play pickleball. Some travel in their RV’s and some by car. Some stay a few days and some find a place to stay the whole summer to get out of the heat. Our local shops need these visitors. Our real estate and construction businesses need these visitors. Our local economy needs these visitors. Property owners that are trying to sell their lots and existing homes need these visitors to come and experience Angel Fire. The property owners of Angel Fire need the pickleball program to continue to grow.

As an example of economic impact, in Springfield, Illinois, they hosted a tournament for 221 players. Their economic development office stated that the dollar impact for the city was $108,000. Besides the tournament players coming and our own group of Angel Fire property owners, we also have players who come to play on a weekly basis from Black Lake, Eagle Nest, Red River, and Taos who contribute to the economy of Angel Fire.

To continue to build our pickleball program, we need the support of the Angel Fire Property Owners to support the building of the six dedicated pickleball courts. At some point in the near future, you will be asked as Angel Fire property owners if you support the growth of our program. We sincerely hope you will see the benefits for the community and support us in our growth.

Thank you, Rick Hooker
President of Angel Fire Pickleball Club
USAPA Ambassador for Angel Fire, NM